Ace Iron & Metals has always been specialized towards handling post industrial scrap from various manufacturing processes. 


A leader in establishing and organizing scrap collection programs for numerous industries from the early seventies through the present, Ace is current with the most efficient and up to date methods for handling your scrap.

  • For our manufacturing partners Ace offers:

  •   a free, no strings attached scrap management consultation. Ace will guarantee that no recyclable material is lost from your production stream, and therefore, you have no unnecessary losses from your bottom line.

  •   free equipment usage including material handling equipment and scales *, to ensure you that you are being treated with the utmost integrity.

  •   same day payment to maximize your cash flow.

  •   numerous payment options including direct deposit into your account, electronic wire transfer, check or cash. we will do whatever is best for you.

  • equipment usage is subject to term agreement and Ace retains title. scale usage is dependent on minimum material production.

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