Copper - (update 1/25/11) copper has been incredibly hot as of late. the market has come off of all time highs in recent weeks, but is still as high as $3.70/lb depending on quality and quantity. call for details.

Aluminum - (update 1/25/11) the aluminum market has been strong and stable. prices as high as $.80/lb. call for details. 

Steel - (update 1/25/11) steel is strong, looking to move sideways to down a few dollars a ton moving into february. prices as high as $370/gt. call for details.

Stainless - (update 1/25/11) stainless is off to a good start for 2011. demand for nickel scrap is strengthening, and this recent pullback seems to be the result of an overbought situation. stainless prices as high as $1.00/lb, and of course, we are also buying all alloys, as well. call for more prices or details.

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